The Town Council owns and manages allotments at four sites in Cliltheroe  - Hayhurst Street, West View,  off Whalley Road and the Milthorne areas of the town.

Allotments at these sites can only be granted to residents of Clitheroe.  Allotment tenancy agreements can only be entered into with those aged 16 and over with full legal capacity to enter contracts. 

Anyone interested in renting an allotment should contact the Town Hall on 01200 424722. There is normally a waiting list of approximately 2 years but, due to a substantial increase in applications for allotments during lockdown, the waiting time is now in excess of 3 years.

An allotment application form must be completed and returned to the Town Hall in order to be added to the waiting list; verbal expressions of interest in having an allotment will not suffice to be added to the list.

 The annual rent for a standard sized allotment is currently £62.27 and for a half size plot £31.13. The rents do depend on the size of the allotment and so can vary.

An allotments competition is held in summer every year with small prizes for the winning gardens and pigeon lofts.