Council Meetings, Agendas and Minutes.

This page gives details of the Councils' meeting dates, agendas and minutes, where appropriate. All meetings are open to the public, who are welcome to attend. The Council has introduced a public participation scheme which sets out how members of the public can speak at Council meetings. Please click on the link to see a copy of the scheme - Public Participation Scheme.

Where agendas or minutes are available these can be viewed by clicking on the download boxes. Minutes will be uploaded on a regular basis, but only once they have been approved, which is usually at the next meeting. This means that there will be a time delay between the meeting date and the minutes appearing on the website.

For further details, please contact the Town Hall on (01200) 424722.

Date Meeting Downloads
27th January 2014 Council Minutes
10th February 2014 General Purposes Minutes
3rd March 2014 Council Minutes
7th April 2014 General Purposes Minutes
2nd May 2014 Cockles & Mussels Minutes
7th May 2014 Annual Meeting (12 Noon) Minutes
12th May 2014 General Purposes Minutes
12th May 2014 Annual Town Meeting Minutes
9th June 2014 General Purposes Minutes
23rd June 2014 Council Minutes
21st July 2014 General Purposes
8th September 2014 Council Minutes
29th September 2014 General Purposes
27th October 2014 Council Minutes
24th November 2014 General Purposes
15th December 2014 General Purposes Minutes

Please note that all meetings start at 6.3opm unless otherwise stated.
Minutes of previous years' meetings